Sunday, November 6, 2011

FUNKSTEP [Opiuo + KOAN Sound]

Introducing the newest type of bass music - Funkstep, Glitch Hop, whatever you want to call it, it's pioneering the funk revival we're hearing today.  Some dubstep is becoming just too heavy, too aggressive for normal listening.  That's where Opiuo and KOAN Sound come in with expert skill, bringing together funk and the housier side of dubstep - producing funky, danceable bass music.  I'm a big fan of Opiuo, I first came across him while listening to the opening track from ill.Gates new album ill.Methodology.  This is his twitter bio, it's just perfect:
"Precisely blended concoctions of irresistible grooves, chunk fueled beats, brooding soundscapes, dollops of stomach morphing bass, and scrumptious glitch."
KOAN Sound are a british duo who are generating a lot of attention right now: they have recently signed to Skrillex's OWLSA label, their EP is #1 on Beatport, and their song 'Meanwhile, In The Future' was featured by Rolling Stone this week.  Here's what they had to say about it: 
"The idea for the track was to make a Seventies funky beat fast forward into the future.  Instead of the slap bass carrying all the groove, it's the synths, so a lot of time went into making the basslines as tight and punchy as possible."

Download:  Robo Booty - Opiuo
Download:  Good Thymes (Opiuo Remix) - Ray!
Download:  TriLLogy - ill.Gates, Opiuo & Vent
Download:  The Freaky Bean - Opiuo
Download:  Off Chops ft. Jess Chambers - Opiuo

KOAN Sound
Download:  Funk Blaster - KOAN Sound
Download:  Meanwhile, In The Future - KOAN Sound
Download:  Talk Box - KOAN Sound
Download:  Talk Box (Kill The Noise Remix) - KOAN Sound
Download:  Kill Everybody (KOAN Sound Remix) - Skrillex


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